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Chris Cuomo Admits to Taking Ivermectin, as New Study Shows It Reduced ICU Admissions by 83% reveals that former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has been using ivermectin to treat symptoms he attributes toa COVID-19 vaccine injury. This disclosure aligns with a clinical trial indicating an 83% reduction in ICU admissions for COVID-19 patients treated with ivermectin. Cuomo highlighted during a podcast that misinformation around the drug, once dubbed a “horse paste” by the FDA, had hindered its acceptance despite evidence of its efficacy. He also criticized the media and government’s response to vaccine injuries and pandemic management, advocating for a thorough investigation akin to a “9/11-style commission.” The article underscores ongoing debates around vaccine safety and the effectiveness of ivermectin, with Cuomo maintaining a nuanced position on the vaccine’s role amid broader discussions on public health management and media accountability.

Fish off Los Angeles coast still contaminated with infamous chemical banned 52 years ago documents ongoing environmental repercussions from past DDT dumping off the Los Angeles coast by Montrose Chemical Corporation. Despite the ban on DDT in 1972 and cessation of direct ocean dumping in 1961, recent studies confirm persistent contamination in marine life. Research conducted by UC San Diego and Scripps Institution of Oceanography uncovered significant levels of DDT and its byproducts in deep-sea fish, raising concerns about the chemical entering human food chains. The findings highlight the enduring impact of historical pollution, with DDT residues circulating through deep ocean ecosystems potentially accumulating in larger marine animals, thereby posing a risk to human health. This situation underscores the long-term consequences of environmental mismanagement and the complex challenges involved in remediation and risk assessment.

Trojan Tomato: A New GMO Is Designed To Infiltrate America’s Gardens explores the introduction and potential impacts of the genetically modified (GM) PurpleTomato, engineered for increased antioxidant levels by incorporating genes from snapdragon flowers. Marketed directly to home gardeners in the United States, this product is a significant departure from previous GM crops primarily aimed at commercial agriculture. The Purple Tomato has been deregulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and declared “generally recognized as safe” by the FDA without requiring premarket approval. However, the absence of comprehensive safety testing and reliance on company-provided data has sparked debates among experts regarding its safety for human consumption. Critics emphasize the need for a more thorough assessment to address possible health risks, reflecting broader concerns about the adequacy of regulatory frameworks for genetically engineered foods.

Pfizer to Sell Drugs Online to Consumers, Bypassing Doctors and Pharmacies details Pfizer’s development of a direct-to-consumer platform to sell drugs online, including Paxlovid and a migraine nasal spray, aiming to bypass traditional medical consultations and pharmacy visits. This platform will connect U.S. patients with independent telehealth consultants who can prescribe medications, which are then filled and shipped by an online pharmacy partner. The initiative mirrors similar moves by Eli Lilly and represents a significant shift in how pharmaceuticals are marketed and distributed, raising concerns about the implications for patient care and the role of healthcare providers. Critics argue that this model could prioritize company profits over patient well-being and potentially lead to misinformed medication use, diminished role of personal physician care, and issues with drug advertisement and marketing practices.

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I just want to say thank you for all of the health education you have shared over the years. I am still working on my health goals but I am down 60lbs from my max weight in 2012 and I am working every day to live a cleaner and healthier life style – Agent Quest

Welcome to another episode of “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re examining Ammonium Muriaticum, a homeopathic remedy made from ammonium chloride, commonly known as sal ammoniac.
This remedy is particularly useful for treating congestion, joint pain, and related symptoms often observed in colder climates.
Let’s delve into the therapeutic properties of Ammonium Muriaticum and its applications in homeopathic medicine.

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Special Guest – Michael Boldin

World Health Organization Is Making a Massive Power Grab—and Biden Is Enabling It discusses upcoming changes at the World Health Assembly, where amendments to the International Health Regulationsand the WHO Pandemic Agreement could grant WHO extensive powers to dictate national actions during pandemics. The article expresses concerns that such powers could lead to global governance over public health, diminishing national sovereignty. The WHO’s potential to enforce health policies and manage resources during pandemics is seen as a significant shift from its advisory role, raising alarms about the unchecked authority of a single global entity and its implications for national independence and public health autonomy.

22 AGs Oppose WHO Pandemic Treaty, Citing Threats to Sovereignty and Civil Liberties reports that 22 U.S. state attorneys general have expressed opposition to the WHO Pandemic Treaty, citing concerns over sovereignty and civil liberties. The attorneys argue that the treaty would transform WHO from an advisory body to a governing authority on global health, infringing on states’ rights to manage public health according to the U.S. Constitution. This opposition is part of a broader skepticism about international agreements that could impose global standards and practices on nations, potentially at the expense of national autonomy and individual rights. The U.K. has also voiced reluctance to sign the treaty unless it aligns with national interests, highlighting widespread apprehension about the scope and implications of WHO’s expanded powers.

UK refuses to sign global vaccine treaty, The Telegraph reports reveals the UK government’s decision not to sign a global vaccine treaty reported by The Telegraph.This decision stems from concerns over the treaty’s requirements, which could compel the UK to relinquish a significant portion of its pandemic-related health resources. The government insists on safeguarding national sovereignty and ensuring that any agreement serves the national interest. The refusal aligns with broader concerns about international agreements that might override national policies or lead to the redistribution of critical health resources without clear benefits to the UK populace.

Top FBI Official Urges Agents to Use Warrantless Wiretaps on US Soil highlights an internal push within the FBI, urging agents to utilize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to conduct warrantless surveillance on American soil. This move, communicated through an email from the FBI deputy director, emphasizes the necessity to use such tools to justify the continuation of the bureau’s surveillance capabilities. Despite reassurances about legal compliance, this directive has raised significant concerns among lawmakers and privacy advocates about the potential for abuse and the erosion of civil liberties. The ongoing use of Section 702 has been controversial, with past abuses and the lack of transparency about the extent of surveillance on U.S. citizens sparking debate over the balance between national security and privacy rights.

War and Foreign Policy: Top-5 Influences on the Founders delves into the intellectual influences on the American Founders’ approaches to international law and foreign policy. Thisanalysis, part of a Path to Liberty podcast, identifies key figures such as Hugo Grotius, Emer de Vattel, and Samuel von Pufendorf, whose works profoundly shaped the Founders’ thoughts on governance, war, and diplomacy. These philosophers advocated for a rational and principled approach to international relations, emphasizing natural law and the rights of states. The podcast reflects on how these historical insights remain relevant, offering a deeper understanding of the foundational principles that guided the early American political landscape and continue to influence contemporary discussions on foreign policy and constitutional governance.

How ‘15-minute cities’ could save time, reduce emissions, and build community outlines the concept of the 15-minute city, introduced by Carlos Moreno, which advocates for urban environments where all essential services and needs are within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from home. This model aims to diminish reliance on cars, thereby reducing traffic congestion, parking issues, and emissions while fostering stronger community bonds and enhancing local economies. Paris, where Moreno is based, serves as the initial city to implement this concept, successfully decreasing car traffic and improving air quality. The idea has since spread globally, with variations adapted in cities like Utrecht and Dubai. Moreno’s new book discusses the historical development of cities, the evolution of his concept, and its potential to combat climate change and social inequities. The 15-minute city model has faced criticism and conspiracy theories, particularly around perceived threats to personal freedom and car usage. Moreno’s work emphasizes the need for tailored approaches to urban planning that respect local contexts and histories, aiming to create sustainable, equitable urban spaces.

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