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To rebuild trust in public health: Better communication, fewer mandates, and small wins: The restoration of public trust in health systems, especially in light of the divisiveness heightened by the COVID-19pandemic, is a critical endeavor outlined by Tom Frieden, the former director of the CDC. Frieden emphasizes three pivotal steps: enhancing communication to be clear, timely, and reliable; ensuring public health guidance and mandates are judiciously applied and transparent; and showing consistent progress on pressing health issues that matter to the community. He points to the specific failings during the pandemic, such as inconsistent messaging and political interference, which fueled mistrust. For trust to be regained, communication strategies need to be independent of political influence, grounded in science, and genuinely two-way, involving listening and responding to the public’s concerns.

Special Guest Harry Fisher

Harry Fisher is a nationally registered paramedic with over two decades of experience, including significant roles as a medic in both the U.S. Army and Air Force. Following his military service, he worked extensively in emergency medical settings, including ERs and ICUs. His firsthand experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic in Oklahoma City deepened his concerns about systemic issues in healthcare, particularly around practices driven more by financial incentives than patient welfare.

While responding to emergency calls at a vaccination site, Harry witnessed severe adverse reactions immediately after the administration of the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. These incidents, coupled with similar experiences in a high-pressure New York City ICU and ER, highlighted discrepancies between public health messages regarding vaccine safety and the realities he encountered. This led him to question the transparency and ethics of the healthcare system.

Determined to share his observations, Harry faced significant censorship on social media. His posts about adverse reactions and unaddressed health risks reached millions but were swiftly removed under accusations of spreading misinformation. This suppression only fueled his commitment to advocating for health freedom and informed consent.

Today, Harry continues to be a vocal advocate for truth in healthcare. His journey from a front-line medic to a critic of the healthcare establishment underscores his dedication to patient care and ethical medical practices. Despite facing significant challenges, including censorship and professional ostracism, he remains committed to exposing what he sees as a disconnect between healthcare policies and patient safety.

Pandemic Memoir of Paramedic Harry Fisher: In his compelling memoir, Paramedic Harry Fisher shares his firsthand experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the challenges he faced with the rollout of mRNA vaccines. Fisher details several alarming incidents where individuals suffered severe medical reactions shortly after vaccination, which were not widely reported or acknowledged by the mainstream medical community. His narrative raises significant concerns about the transparency and safety of the vaccination process, and the suppression of critical voices in the medical field. Fisher’s account highlights the personal and professional risks faced by healthcare workers who chose to speak out against what they observed on the front lines, often facing severe repercussions for their candor.

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I would like to know what your thoughts are on doing a parasite cleanse.
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$10 billion long Covid ‘moonshot’ is being floated by Bernie Sanders: Bernie Sanders has introduced an ambitious proposal for a $10 billion research initiative aimed at addressing long Covid, a condition thatcontinues to affect millions with persistent symptoms that disrupt daily life. The proposed funding, which seeks to bolster efforts at the National Institutes of Health, underscores the urgent need for effective treatments and a deeper understanding of long Covid. The initiative reflects a growing recognition of long Covid as a significant public health issue that requires substantial investment to develop effective therapies and support those suffering from its prolonged impacts. This proposal represents a proactive step towards tackling the complexities of a condition that remains poorly understood yet widely impactful.

Hour 2

Critics call out plastics industry over “fraud of plastic recycling”: Critics, including former chemical engineer Jan Dell, accuse the plastics industry of perpetuating a decades-long deception about the viability of plastic recycling. The report titled “The Fraud of Plastic Recycling” claims that the industry has misled the public into believing that most plastics can be recycled, despite technical and economic barriers that make large-scale recycling infeasible. Approximately 48 million tons of plastic waste is generated annually in the U.S., but only about 5 to 6 percent is actually recycled. The rest often ends up in landfills or is incinerated. This revelation points to a systemic issue within the plastics industry, which critics argue prioritizes profit over genuine environmental concerns by promoting recycling as a feasible solution when, in reality, it is not. The industry’s recent campaign, “Recycling is real,” and its investment in so-called advanced recycling technologies are viewed by skeptics like Dell as merely an extension of this ongoing misinformation campaign.

Special Guest Dr. George Yiachos

Dr. George Yiachos is a cardiology specialist, board certified in cardiovascular disease and nuclear cardiology. Dr. Yiachos is a graduate of the Sophie Davis Biomedical program in NYC and Stony Brook Medical School, in NY. He had spent over 28 years in private practice and as an attending cardiologist with one of New York’s premier hospital institutions. During Covid, Dr. Yiachos was one of the fraction of doctors who volunteered from the onset of the pandemic to serve on the front lines. He is a recent transplant to Florida, having escaped NY’s tyrannical medical mandates.

In 2021 he established WPR Medical, a Multi-State Integrative, Orthomolecular Cardiology/Cellular Medicine practice, based out of Naples, Florida and Long Island, NY. He treats a wide variety of cardiac and other inflammatory conditions, utilizing integrative and regenerative therapies including holistic, Ozone/UVBI, LDN, hormone and intensive peptide, and IV therapies. Dr. Yiachos has also spent a substantial about of time treating covid patients, long haulers and vaccine injuries, via telemedicine and in-office visits.

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