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10 Years After HHS Asked CDC to Study Safety of Childhood Vaccine Schedule, CDC Hasn’t Produced It In 2013, the National Vaccine Program Office of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) commissioned an update of earlier findings on the lack of evidence to support claims that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) infant/child vaccination schedule was safe. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) committee, charged with producing the update, found that “few studies have comprehensively assessed the association between the entire immunization schedule or variations in the overall schedule and categories of health outcomes, and no study has directly examined health outcomes and stakeholder concerns in precisely the way that the committee was charged to address in its statement of task.” According to the IOM committee, “studies designed to examine the long-term effects of the cumulative number of vaccines or other aspects of the immunization schedule have not been conducted.” The lack of information on the overall safety of the vaccination schedule was so compelling that the committee then recommended HHS incorporate the study of the safety of the overall childhood immunization schedule into its processes for setting priorities for research, “recognizing stakeholder concerns, and establishing the priorities on the basis of epidemiological evidence, biological plausibility, and feasibility.” The IOM also recommended the CDC use its private database, the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), to study the overall health effects of the vaccination schedule using retrospective analyses.

Special Guest Victor Avila

Mr. Victor Avila is a retired Supervisory Special Agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), under the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) seeking the Republican nomination to represent Texas’ 23rd Congressional District. While on official assignment in Mexico, Special Agent Avila suffered multiple gunshot wounds and survived a violent ambush by the Mexican Los Zetas drug cartel where Special Agent Jaime Zapata tragically lost his life. ICE-HSI is responsible for investigating crimes pertaining to immigration, trade, customs, and border security that threaten the security of the American Homeland. While serving with ICE-HSI, Victor personally led criminal investigations of human traffickers, drug smugglers, and violent criminals. During his time with ICE-HSI, Victor also served as an accredited diplomat to Mexico, Spain, and Portugal. Victor advised these governments on complex and wide-ranging criminal investigations including narcotics trafficking, arms trafficking, human trafficking, financial violations, commercial fraud, and counterterrorism. Mr. Avila began his law enforcement career as a United States Probation Officer for the U.S. Courts and as a District Parole Officer for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at El Paso while focusing on the identity of Hispanic Americans along the border.

Mr. Avila has been recognized for Excellence in Law Enforcement by the ICE Hispanic Agents Association; The Director’s Award for Operation in Plain Sight in Mexico; the Homeland Security Investigations Excellence in Public Service Award; The Valor Award by the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA); Medal of Valor for Outstanding Bravery by the National Latino Peace Officers Association; the Medal of Valor by the Hispanic American Command Officers Association (HAPCOA); and the NYPD Heroism Award by the Global Alliance of Hispanic Law Enforcement Professionals. Since retiring from ICE-HSI, Victor has remained a relentless advocate for border security, speaking across the United States. Victor also authored Agent Under Fire: A Murder and a Manifesto recounting the story of the 2011 ambush by Cartel hitmen and outlining a strategy to secure the border. Victor has been featured on FoxNews, Newsmax, Univision, OANN, Telemundo, and various Radio and Podcast interviews discussing border security, drug smuggling, human trafficking, and other subject matters in which he is considered an expert. He is a lifetime member of the NRA who set the world record for the longest handgun shot. Victor is running for Congress to finally deliver much-needed border security solutions. Unlike career politicians who say one thing but then do another, voters know that Victor is the political outsider and battle-tested leader we can rely on to follow through on his promises and deliver real results.

Comment of The Day!

Good morning!
I just start Folium Px and Immuno about 3 weeks ago.   I’m not in the habit of taking it three times regularly yet, but I’m already noticing the difference!   I believe my lifestyle and poor eating habits have lead to adrenal fatigue and nutrient deficiencies.  Eating cleaner has definitely helped!  However, slowing life down is not an option right now with elderly parents.  I thought I was imagining the extra energy I had during my first week on the folium products.  Last week was extra busy and I forgot to take them several days. I was exhausted by the weekend!  This morning I forgot to take them as soon as I got up as I normally would do.  My coffee wasn’t having any effect on helping me wake up so I made a second cup to no avail!.  Then I remembered I hadn’t taken my folium products.  What an almost immediate difference!   My bleary eyes and brain fog finally started to lift and I felt able to start tackling the day!   I don’t know what’s in this product, but it’s by far the best supplement I’ve ever taken!  Truly a Chernobyl level antioxidant and deserving of the daily shout out by Robert Scott Bell!
Thank you so much!

Question of The Day!

Hi Robert and Big Super D,
My daughter runs NCAA Div 1 track as a long-distance runner, and as you can imagine, the demands on her legs, feet, bones, and joints are pretty great. Her trainers suspect a stress-fracture in her foot, and she’s getting an MRI on Thursday. I know you’ve talked about formulas for expediting the bone-healing process, but I can’t remember the names. What do you recommend she takes for getting her back into competition as soon as she can? We believe in the body’s amazing power to heal if you give it what it needs. I just need help with that last part.

Hour 2

Australia’s Misinfo Bill Paves Way for Soviet-Style Censorship The Australian Government’s proposed new laws to crack down on misinformation and disinformation have drawn intense criticism for their potential to restrict free expression and political dissent, paving the way for a digital censorship regime reminiscent of Soviet Lysenkoism. Under the draft legislation, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) will gain considerable expanded regulatory powers to “combat misinformation and disinformation,” which ACMA says poses a “threat to the safety and wellbeing of Australians, as well as to our democracy, society and economy.” Digital platforms will be required to share information with ACMA on demand, and to implement stronger systems and processes for handling of misinformation and disinformation. ACMA will be empowered to devise and enforce digital codes with a “graduated set of tools” including infringement notices, remedial directions, injunctions and civil penalties, with fines of up to $550,000 (individuals) and $2.75 million (corporations). Criminal penalties, including imprisonment, may apply in extreme cases. Controversially, the government will be exempt from the proposed laws, as will professional news outlets, meaning that ACMA will not compel platforms to police misinformation and disinformation disseminated by official government or news sources.

Special Guest Eli Love

Eli Love has been a professional music teacher since the age of 13. He started teaching privately at that age, then went on to get his credential and teach publicly for 25 years. His real passion, however, started at the age of five. That was to find out what makes people heal on a permanent level. At that age, he had a preoccupation with that notion and constantly noticed how people dealt with illness and issues. As he got into college, he studied psychology as his first major, then moved on to studying and trying out scores and scores of disciplines, methods, mindsets, and techniques of healing from all over the world. Luckily music took him around the world numerous times, and he was able to study a number of techniques; western medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, reiki, teepee sweat lodges, holotropic breathwork, light therapy, NLP, seeing famous healers, hypnosis, reframing, positive thinking, diving into countless books from psychiatrists and doctors about healing are just a few. All of these methods had their limits and proved to be temporary fixes for the most part. He discovered what healed people permanently finally at the age of 40. It was
right inside of us the whole time. We, as children, know how to heal any issue or ailment. We used this God given process Eli calls “Unconditional Expression” as children, then we were coerced out of that process by parents and society. As a result, our lives have become filled with stress, toxicity, and ailments on multiple levels. Eli simply reminds people how to reconnect with that process safely and gradually. “The results are profound” is an understatement. Healing happens spontaneously with this method and also 10 to 20 times faster that we are accustomed to. Find out more in his book: “The Manual For Life” on Amazon or at

You can contact Eli at

The Left Ruins Everything: Now They’re Cancelling Classic Rock Rock music has always been about tweaking the establishment. From the early rock & roll days, musicians have specialized in sticking it to the man. That’s all well and good when the man is a buttoned-down square with traditional values, but when the woke becomes the establishment — you kids had better turn that music off. We’ve already seen the left go after authors, films, and TV shows, but that’s not all. Now the wokescolds are going after classic rock music. It all started when Universal Records added Queen’s “Greatest Hits” album to the library for Yoto, a new entertainment platform aimed at a youth audience. “Queen’s greatest hits are now available!” crows the Yoto website. Only it’s not true because one of Queen’s biggest smashes is missing. Universal left “Fat Bottomed Girls” off the Greatest Hits album on the Yoto platform. “Fat Bottomed Girls” is an ode to the women of the title, and it has been a staple of classic rock radio for decades. It’s unmistakably Queen, and it’s a lot of fun to harmonize with. The Daily Mail described “Fat Bottomed Girls” as “a humorous and hard-rocking tribute to a young man’s appreciation of fuller-figured ladies.” The tune hit #11 on the British charts and #24 on the Billboard Hot 100; it also went double-platinum stateside. But it’s too much for the woke folx.

Question of The Day!

Thank you for responding to my question concerning Magnesium, Dr. Ardis and “nicotine”-My question is-How do we take nicotine and how much? I am assuming pill form would be best-I did NOT take the “jab”-however I did have the nasal swab.
THX. Bill

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