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CBDCs: Ultimate Tool of Oppression
In a world increasingly driven by digital transactions, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are emerging as a new form of control. The article delves into the potential risks and implications of CBDCs, arguing that they could serve as instruments of oppression. By centralizing financial power and surveillance capabilities, CBDCs could undermine individual freedoms and privacy, thereby altering the dynamics of democracy and civil liberties.

Special Guest: Brandon Joe Williams

Brandon Joe Williams is a State National of California, author and Common Law lawyer, and founder of The Amnesty Coalition, a group that aims to address the “slave state” framework that is created by webs of legal contracts and documents like birth certificates, social security cards, and the US citizen fraud system. After a successful career in sales and marketing, Brandon is now devoting his full time work to research and experimentation in becoming a State National and writing his third book on martyrdom and escapism. He is also the author of Don’t Be a Slave to Your Clients and Love is a Battery.

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Why You Should Start Eating Organically
The article explores the myriad benefits of adopting an organic diet, from improved health to environmental sustainability. It argues that organic foods are not only free from harmful pesticides and chemicals but also tend to be more nutrient-dense. Making the switch to organic eating could be a transformative step for your health and the planet.

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Rand Paul says ‘without question’ Fauci belongs in jail
Senator Rand Paul has made headlines with his bold assertion that Dr. Anthony Fauci should be imprisoned. The article discusses the ongoing tension between the two figures, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and its management. Paul accuses Fauci of deception and covering up crucial information, igniting a debate on accountability and transparency in public health.

COVID Masking Hysteria Was Never About Following the Science | Opinion
The article challenges the prevailing narrative surrounding mask mandates, arguing that the hysteria around COVID-19 masking was never truly rooted in scientific evidence. It questions the efficacy of masks in preventing the spread of the virus and criticizes the lack of nuanced discussion in public discourse. The piece calls for a more balanced approach that considers both the benefits and limitations of masking, rather than treating it as a one-size-fits-all solution.

Humanity could lose up to half of future medicines through plant extinctions
The article raises alarming concerns about the potential loss of medicinal plants due to extinction. As biodiversity dwindles, we risk losing valuable natural resources that could hold the key to future medical breakthroughs. The piece calls for urgent action to conserve plant species and protect the wealth of untapped medicinal potential they offer.

Question of The Day!

Hi Robert,
I have been a listener of yours for over a decade and have learned so much from you. Thank you so much!
I have an interesting and frightening problem I am hoping you can help me with.
I recently learned of some horrible side effects that can happen from an antibiotic I took in 2014, Levaquin.
Levaquin was pulled from the market in 2017 and has been shown to cause (not rare) permanent nerve and ligament damage (Achilles tendinopathy and tendon ruptures to name a few).
I was prescribed Levaquin twice-in April and June 2014 for sinus infections. Prior to this, I was very healthy. I used to teach aerobics and didn’t have any health issues (besides sinusitis). In July of that year, I went to an amusement park with my boys and rode a roller coaster. My neck was so weak, I could not hold it up and it rested on my son’s shoulder the entire length of the ride. Not long after that, I injured my back when I had to shampoo my mom’s carpet after my son threw up on it. I had to move her bedroom furniture before cleaning it with a heavy rented shampooer and then move the furniture back. My back has never been the same. I was diagnosed with moderate scoliosis that I am treating through chiropractic. I believe this issue also started because of the use of Levaquin.
My question is, what should I take if I want to strengthen the ligaments and tissues around my neck and spine? What about silica or collagen? Anything more? What strength and how often if my ligaments are very weak?
To add…my neck has two discs that have slipped and is getting worse and worse. I fear I will be disabled because of both my neck and back problems in a few years if I don’t do something. I do not want to go the surgery route. That will be my last resort.
Thank you for any help you can give me.

Welcome back to the “Homeopathic Hits” segment of The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re focusing on Argentum Nitricum, a remedy often used for anxiety and digestive issues.
This guide will delve into the various applications of Argentum Nitricum, particularly its effectiveness in treating emotional and physical discomfort.

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