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Special Guest: Jonathan Emord

For the past 37 years, Jonathan W. Emord has litigated against the federal bureaucracy, winning over and over again. Ron Paul calls Jonathan “an expert in constitutional theory and history” and “an expert litigator with a long string of legal victories over the federal bureaucracy.” George Noory calls him “a Knight in Shining Armor” and “a warrior out to save our rights.” Congressmen Dan Burton and John Doolittle describe him as “an intellectual warrior for the rights and freedoms of people in America.” Jonathan has a unique, detailed knowledge of the federal bureaucracy, the deep state. He knows how to defeat it. Jonathan graduated from the University of Illinois (BA, political science and history, 1982) and DePaul University College of Law (JD, 1985). He served as an attorney in the Federal Communications Commission during the Reagan administration. A leading constitutional law and litigation expert, he is the author of five critically acclaimed books. He has won more cases against the Food and Drug Administration in federal court than any other attorney in American history, earning him the nickname “FDA Dragon Slayer.” He is a columnist for, PJ,, and the U.S.A. Today Magazine. He frequently appears on national radio and television programs. He is married to Sheryl Emord, and they have two children, twins Justice and Angelica. They reside in Clifton, Virginia.

Biden Wants to Ban Presidential Debate Audiences
President Joe Biden’s campaign has proposed banning audiences at presidential debates, asserting that the presence of an in-person audience is unnecessary and distracts from the debates’ purpose. This move is partly motivated by concerns over potential disruptions by Biden protestors, notably those opposing his stance on Israel. The Biden campaign emphasized the historical precedent of the 1960 debates, which were held in a studio setting focused on the candidates and moderators, arguing it proved more effective for voter engagement without the spectacle of audience reactions. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump has not yet agreed to this format, and significant debate preparations are underway on both sides.

Dem Rep. Phillips: We Should Cancel Dem Convention, Things ‘Looking Awfully Like 1968’
Representative Dean Phillips (D-MN) suggested cancelling the Democratic National Convention due to concerns about potential unrest reminiscent of the 1968 Democratic Convention. Phillips cited the current divisive political climate, particularly disagreements within the Democratic Party over policy towards Israel, as a factor that could lead to conflicts similar to those in 1968. He argued that the party should focus on campaigning rather than risking the negative publicity that a contentious convention might generate. Phillips believes that foregoing the convention could benefit the Democratic Party by preventing scenes that could alienate voters.

Inflation hits 20 percent under Biden, pushing small businesses to the brink
The article discusses the severe impact of a 20% inflation rate under President Biden’s administration, emphasizing the strain on small businesses. This inflationary environment has escalated costs and squeezed margins, forcing many small enterprises to the edge of viability. The piece highlights the broader economic implications, including reduced consumer spending and increased operational challenges for businesses. The analysis suggests that unless significant policy interventions are introduced, the situation may lead to substantial economic downturns, with small businesses particularly vulnerable. This scenario reflects on the administration’s handling of economic policy and its consequences on the national economy.

‘For Safety of Citizens Worldwide’: HHS Suspends Government Funding for EcoHealth Alliance
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has suspended all funding to EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit involved in gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, citing a need to protect from fraud, waste, and abuse. This decision follows a U.S. House committee’s call for a criminal investigation into the organization and its president, Peter Daszak. The committee’s report criticized EcoHealth Alliance for failing to oversee risky experiments and for delayed reporting on its collaboration with the Wuhan lab. Despite the controversy over the origins of COVID-19, which heightened partisan debates, this measure marks a significant shift towards accountability in managing federal research funds.

Woman Injured by AstraZeneca COVID Vaccine During Clinical Trial Sues for Breach of Contract
Brianne Dressen, who suffered severe adverse effects from the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine during a clinical trial, has filed a lawsuit for breach of contract against the company. Despite protections under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act, which generally shields vaccine manufacturers from liability, Dressen’s case contends that AstraZeneca failed to cover medical expenses as agreed in the trial contract. Her symptoms included neurological disorders, leading to substantial disability. This lawsuit challenges the legal liability protections for vaccine manufacturers and could set a precedent for other cases where contractual promises are alleged to have been broken.

Harvard Surrenders: Agrees to Divestment Talks, Reversed Suspensions
Harvard University has agreed to reverse the suspensions of nearly two dozen students and engage in talks regarding divestment from Israel, following a protest encampment by pro-Hamas activists. This decision came as part of a negotiated end to the protests, which had seen the American flag replaced with the Palestinian flag in Harvard Yard. The university’s concessions have sparked discussions on its stance and responses to anti-Israel activism, amid a broader context of nationwide campus protests that have frequently involved antisemitic rhetoric. This development reflects the increasing pressure on academic institutions to address complex geopolitical issues sensitively and inclusively.

148 House Democrats vote against bill to deport migrants who assault police
A U.S. House bill, the Detain and Deport Illegal Aliens Who Assault Cops Act, passed with significant Republican support and limited Democratic backing. The bill mandates the detention and eventual deportation of undocumented immigrants who assault law enforcement officers. It introduces a specific category of inadmissibility for migrants accused of such offenses. This legislation, led by Representative Jeff Van Drew, aims to address recent incidents where illegal immigrants assaulted police officers. Critics, however, view this as part of a broader Republican strategy to tighten immigration enforcement and align policies with conservative values, especially given the ongoing issues at the southern border.

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Fatigue in long COVID: The sinister gift that keeps on giving
Long COVID, defined by symptoms persisting for months beyond the initial infection period, continues to affect millions globally, with fatigue being a particularly debilitating symptom. Studies indicate that post-COVID fatigue is significantly more common in individuals who have had the virus compared to those who have not. Fatigue impacts all age groups, and is severe enough in some cases to prevent individuals from working, posing long-term challenges to healthcare systems. This symptom has profound implications, often leading to repeated hospitalizations and increased mortality rates among those affected. The persistence and severity of fatigue in long COVID patients highlight the urgent need for effective treatments and preventive measures against the virus.

Special Guest Dr. Avery Jackson

Avery Jackson, III, is a board-certified neurosurgeon and bestselling author of the book ‘The God Prescription’. He has given expert testimony to support state house bill 4471 to reject mandated vaccination in the workplace. Dr. Jackson presented on America Outloud Podcast with Dr. Peter McCullough. He appeared on the Gold report podcast and presented at the AFLDS Summit. He is an American Frontline Doctor who believes in early treatment for Covid 19. He testified before the State and local governments against vaccine and mask mandates. Presented in an America Project series supporting medical freedom.

He has also appeared on the Bob Dutko Show, On the Edge with Thayrone – WAAM Radio, and the Glenn Beck Show – Blaze Radio to speak truth regarding Covid 19 inpatient care (hospital protocols). He has been on the Drenda on Guard podcast talking about medical freedom as a Christian position as well as Let’s Fix Stuff with Patrick Colbeck regarding covid 19 education and ways to change healthcare for the better. He has been on Dr. Simone Gold’s podcast and presents at her AFLDs freedom conference. He recently presented on an parallel healthcare system on the Brighton Medical Rebel podcast with Dr. Lee Merrit.

He and his team have taken care of hundreds of patients with covid 19 with a high success rate and has written over 3,000 mask waivers for children and families in Michigan

He facilitates national educational events on covid 19. He is a contributing author in the book Let America Live by Dr Stella Immanuel. He was a presenter with Dr Ben Carson and Dr Peter McCullough at the Liberty and Health Alliance Conference.

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