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Biden administration investing up to $24 million for cancer-fighting mRNA tech The Biden administration is investing up to $24 million to boost the development of messenger RNA (mRNA) technology to fight cancer. The funding, announced Monday, will support research efforts to adapt the mRNA platform for cancer immunotherapy. The effort builds on the recent success of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, which have been proven highly effective in preventing severe illness and death from the virus. Scientists believe that the same mRNA technology can be harnessed to treat and possibly prevent cancer.

Special Guest – Tor McPartland

Tor and Kathryn McPartland refused to use toxic insecticides, but they could not stand the uninvited pesky visitors who let themselves in almost daily. They knew something needed to be done, and started searching for a product they felt safe using around their two daughters, dogs, cat and their beloved surrounding flora and fauna.

And, by the 1990’s they finally found the solution (though some might say that the solution found them). Made 100% from edible plant extracts and water, Orange Guard kills bugs on contact without harming the environment, your home, or yourself. The first natural and organic product of its’ kind, Orange Guard came into the market and outperformed leading chemical solutions as well as met rigorous standards to be EPA registered for use around human, pets and food, FDA GRAS Approved (safe to be used in and around food) and OMRI-listed.

Today, they’re still a family-owned business, sourcing ingredients and producing our products in the U.S.A.

FDA warns Amazon, Walmart and others for selling unapproved drugs for viral skin infection The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning Amazon, Walmart and others for selling unapproved drugs for a viral skin infection known as molluscum contagiosum. The federal agency sent warning letters to eight companies, stating they are selling unapproved drugs that are marketed to treat the contagious skin disease. This action comes after the FDA recently approved the first-ever treatment for molluscum contagiosum.

FDA approves first treatment for molluscum contagiosum The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given its approval for the first-ever treatment specifically aimed at molluscum contagiosum, a common viral skin infection. This condition often appears as small, raised bumps on the skin, which can sometimes become itchy or irritated. Molluscum contagiosum primarily affects children and can spread easily through direct skin-to-skin contact or by touching contaminated objects. The new treatment provides a significant advancement in addressing this skin condition, offering hope for many patients who have been awaiting an effective therapy.

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‘What a Small Corrupt World’: Moderna Hires UK Official Who Negotiated COVID Vaccine Contracts Moderna has hired Jonathan Van-Tam, the UK’s former deputy chief medical officer who played a pivotal role in negotiating contracts for COVID-19 vaccines, as its new head of medical affairs for Europe. This move is seen by many as a potential conflict of interest. Van-Tam was heavily involved in the UK’s vaccination campaign and played a key role in securing vaccine contracts.

Special Guest – Liz Reitzig!

Liz spent 10 years working in PR and marketing for a small firm in Washington DC. She brings her knowledge on branding, marketing, social media, and engagement to her consulting work for small farms and food-based businesses. As an activist, writer, spokesperson, and the mother of five healthy children, Liz has spent well over a decade working on the politics of food access in support of small farmers and those who wish to obtain food directly from them. Her work on several key cases and her proactive approach to policy and activism have helped shape national and state level food and farming policies. She finds it vitally important that we stay engaged politically to preserve our food freedom. In 2007 Liz founded Grassfed On The Hill, a local buying club for GMO-free and fresh farm foods, serving the greater Washington DC metro area. Her work pioneering buying clubs in the region created a niche for consumers seeking direct farm fresh foods and gave Liz a unique perspective into the habits and needs of consumers as well as the challenges facing local producers. She writes at where she covers everything from food politics, permaculture, gardening, and recipes to special moments in parenting. Liz earned an English and Literature degree from the University of Maryland. In 2017 she fulfilled a decade-long dream and became certified in Permaculture Design. She founded the Real Food Consumer Coalition (RFCC), a non-profit dedicated to advocacy and lobbying, on behalf of small farmers and the consumers who depend on them. She has been featured on The Food Network, NPR, Wall Street Journal, and the John Stossel Show. She has been subject matter in national newspapers and has been featured in the much acclaimed documentary Farmageddon.

The PRIME Act Is THE Food Safety Law We Definitely Need Right Now! The PRIME Act is a significant step forward for food safety in the United States, providing much-needed support and regulation for the small-scale farmers and local food businesses that have long been marginalized by the industrial food system. The exemptions outlined in the bill mean that we can cultivate a local system that gives us the resilience we need within our communities and in our own kitchens to keep feeding our families clean, safe meat. And should there be an issue, using the exact same mandatory processing standards as of today, it means that identification and containment of the source is exponentially easier. It means drastically lower exposures in a given instance. It means—full-stop—a much higher level of food safety… It’s time to put American meat back on American tables.



Judge rejects RFK Jr restraining order request in lawsuit alleging Google, YouTube censoring his campaign A federal judge on Wednesday denied Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s request for a restraining order against Google and YouTube that he argued would prevent his primary campaign against President Biden from being further censored on the video sharing platform.U.S. District Judge Trina Thompson, nominated by Biden in 2021, issued an 11-page decision saying RFK Jr. did not meet the threshold for a preliminary injunction to be granted on First Amendment grounds because Google and YouTube are private entities and not state actors as part of the government.


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