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As Autism Cases Rise, Biopharma Springs Into Action: The biopharma industry is aggressively pursuing new treatments as autism diagnoses increase in the U.S., rising from 1 in 54 children in 2016 to 1 in 36 in2020. Over 100 drug trials are underway or completed, targeting the complex symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, the lack of clear metrics for measuring ASD treatment efficacy poses significant challenges. For instance, current evaluations often rely on subjective assessments like parental surveys, leading to imprecision. Despite these hurdles, companies like Roche and Curemark are making strides with promising clinical trials on novel pharmaceuticals aimed at core symptoms of ASD, reflecting a robust yet challenging frontier in neuropsychiatric treatment.

Special Guest Sara Boyd

Sara Boyd, active duty Army Veteran, who served from 1998-2008. Her career as a Counterintelligence Special Agent came to an abrupt end due to a forced medical retirement as a result of a vaccine injury, diagnosed by the nation’s top medical professionals at the War Related Injury and Illness Study Center in Palo Alto, California. Our US and World Governments have been aware of multiple toxins, including vaccines, causing severe chronic illness and cancers in some patients. Now it is time to hold them accountable and ensure our toxic exposed patients are taken care of. Which is why we formed the charity, Operation Truth-Vaccine Exposure Research: To Fight for All Patients’ Rights.

“Breaking the Silence” is Operation Truth’s first public event, taking place June 4-5 in Washington D.C. on the Capital grounds with the theme of toxic exposures. There will be several important speakers discussing various toxins and how to protect yourself.

School Lunches Get a Local Boost from New USDA Standards: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s recent update to school meal standards includes a significant policy shift that could enhance local food economies and improve meal quality for students. Effective from July 1, schools can specify the need for “locally grown, locally raised, or locally caught” food when issuing procurement bids. This adjustment is designed to bolster farm-to-school programs by simplifying purchasing processes and expanding market opportunities for local farmers. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack emphasized this change as part of broader efforts to connect food producers directly with consumers, aiming to strengthen community ties and support local agriculture.

Hour 2

This Pesticide Is Linked to Autism and Lower Test Scores — the EPA Wants to Allow 10 Times More of It on Your Food: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to significantly relax the restrictions on acephate, a pesticide linked to autism and lower test scores in children. Despite being banned in the EU two decades ago, the EPA’s new approach would increase the permissible levels of acephate on food by tenfold. This decision is based on recent cellular tests, which show minimal evidence of harm to developing brains, a methodology that has drawn criticism for its potential unreliability compared to traditional animal studies. Critics argue that such regulatory easing could pose increased neurodevelopmental risks to children, emphasizing the need for more stringent evaluations of pesticides affecting human health.

Special Guest Erin Tullius

Erin Paige is a seasoned healer and wellness advocate with a rich tapestry of experience spanning nearly 20 years. Her journey into holistic health evolved however when she became a mother desperately seeking answers for her son’s health challenges, leading her to the transformative world of homeopathy. Despite practicing as a homeopath, Erin’s expertise encompasses a much wider spectrum of holistic modalities, including fitness instruction, nutrition, natural childbirth, pediatric special needs and sustainable food practices.

An author and graduate of Jack Canfield’s Train the Trainer program, Erin’s past work delves deep into the connection between mental and emotional well-being and healthy behavioral changes. Her dynamic presence and wealth of knowledge have made her a sought-after speaker and trainer for a wide range of audiences from corporations to parent conferences.

In 2022, Erin launched “The Remedy Revolution” podcast (available on all major podcast platforms), a testament to her insatiable thirst for knowledge and her commitment to sharing insights gleaned from her own healing journey after a Lyme diagnosis and her son’s recovery from PANS/PANDAS. Through interviews with experts who inspired her, Erin continues to empower listeners on their paths to wellness.

Residing in the picturesque Texas hill country with her son, Thor the Great Pyrenees, and a bustling flock of chickens, Erin finds joy in community and movement, often attending line dancing and Zumba classes. With compassion and dedication, Erin Paige remains a guiding light in the realm of holistic health and healing.


Today on “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show, we delve into Viburnum Opulus, commonly known as cramp bark.
This homeopathic remedy is revered for its ability to relieve spasmodic pain, including menstrual cramps and muscle tension.
Join us as we explore the pain-relieving prowess of Viburnum Opulus.

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