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Amish Farmer Turned Republican Hero Becomes Flash Point in Culture War
Amos Miller, an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania, has become a focal point in America’s culture wars, drawing significant support from conservatives. Facing a lawsuit from the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office for refusing to comply with food safety regulations, Miller’s case has garnered attention and financial backing, with a GiveSendGo fundraiser exceeding $200,000. High-profile Republicans, including Representative Thomas Massie and Donald Trump Jr., have criticized the government’s actions against him as overreach. Miller’s refusal to comply with regulations, citing his operation as a “private membership association,” has sparked debate over government regulation, food safety, and individual rights. The controversy highlights broader discussions about government intrusion and the role of small farmers in the face of regulatory agencies.

Special Guest Gail Lynn

Gail Lynn is a renowned visionary, inventor and pioneer in the realm of frequency healing, celebrated for her ground-breaking creation, the Harmonic Egg®. She went on to also create the Ellipse® and the LiFTTM. These innovative sound and light frequency chambers, designed with the aim of fostering holistic healing and wellness, stands as a testament to Gail’s visionary approach to promoting mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. She is also the author of ‘Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing: Why science is looking to the past for the future of medicine’.

Gail’s journey towards becoming a pioneer in the realm of frequency healing and energy medicine was born out of personal adversity. In 2007, at the age of 37, Gail faced a life-altering diagnosis of severe cardiovascular stress, a condition wrought by the relentless stress of two challenging relationships and three fiercely competitive careers in the automotive, telecommunications, and film industries. This critical turning point spurred her to explore alternative paths to restore her health.

In 2010 Gail opened her first light and sound therapy center in Denver, Colorado using the older technology she had first experienced. Immersing herself in the realm of energy medicine, Gail experienced a profound shift in her well-being through a series of whole-body light and sound treatments. Determined to unlock the ancient wisdom and modern science underpinning these therapies. Gail saw numerous clients manifesting their dreams after sessions. She also saw an increase in intuitive abilities in herself and her clients. After so many successful stories, it was no longer a coincidence. Gail experienced clients and herself being more PEACEFUL, more JOYFUL, more LOVING and watched fear diminish.

Gail’s pursuit of knowledge culminated in the creation of the Harmonic Egg®, an immersive healing chamber that integrates cutting-edge light and sound technologies with the principles of sacred geometry and Tesla mathematics. She enlisted the expertise of professional musicians to create some proprietary consciously created music specifically designed to utilize the acoustics of the egg shape to help the body heal itself. In 2020 she was approved for a patent for her invention, the Harmonic Egg® / Ellipse®, just 4 years after applying. This innovative approach has propelled frequency healing to unprecedented levels, offering a life-changing solution for individuals seeking to restore balance and vitality.

Welcome to “Homeopathic Hits” on The Robert Scott Bell Show, where today’s focus is on Camphora,
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Join us as we explore the therapeutic benefits of Camphora.

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Like Cigarettes, Junk Food Should Come With a Warning: ‘Can Kill’
The article draws parallels between the tobacco industry of the 1970s and the current state of the junk food industry, suggesting that like cigarettes, junk food should come with health warnings. Despite the known health risks associated with smoking, it took decades for effective regulations and public awareness to catch up. Similarly, the dangers of junk food, or ultra-processed food (UPF), are well-documented, including links to cancer, heart disease, strokes, and obesity. However, the pervasive advertising and cultural acceptance of junk food have delayed a widespread acknowledgment of its health implications. The article argues for stricter regulation of foods high in salt, sugar, and fat, noting that voluntary measures by the food industry are insufficient to combat the problem. Drawing on the tobacco industry’s history, the author calls for a significant shift in public perception and government policy to recognize and address the dangers of junk food.

Pesticides are leaving lasting behavioural changes through generations of fish, study finds
A study has revealed that even minimal exposure to pesticides during development can cause lasting behavioral changes in fish, with these changes being passed down to offspring who were never directly exposed. This research highlights the potential for pesticides to disrupt entire generations of fish, affecting their activity levels, ability to find food, and survival in the wild. Additionally, exposed fish exhibited bodily alterations, such as smaller reproductive organs in males and increased reproductive capacity in their offspring, which could have hidden costs on growth, survival, and predator avoidance in future generations. The study’s findings are alarming, especially considering the shared genes between humans and fish, suggesting that similar chemical exposures could affect humans during critical developmental stages. This underscores the urgent need for stricter regulations on pesticide use to prevent multi-generational damage.

New York AG asks FDA to double down on warnings, discourage prescription for asthma drug
The New York Attorney General’s Office has requested the FDA to enhance warnings and discourage the use of the asthma drug montelukast, particularly for children, due to severe mental and behavioral side effects. Despite a black box warning added nearly four years ago, adverse mental health events, including depression and suicide, continue to be reported, especially in pediatric patients. The Attorney General considers the current warning insufficient and urges the FDA to issue a new Drug Safety Communication to evaluate the risks of using montelukast in children under 18 for asthma and allergic rhinitis. The request aims to prevent further health risks associated with the drug’s use.

West Virginia Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Religious Exemptions for School Vaccine Requirements
The West Virginia House of Delegates has passed a bill that allows for religious exemptions from school vaccine requirements, specifically for students of public virtual schools, private schools, or parochial schools, unless the student participates in sanctioned athletic events. This bill, HB 5105, initially focused on public virtual schools not participating in extracurricular activities or sports but was expanded to include a broader range of educational institutions. The bill now awaits debate in the Senate and, if passed, will proceed to Governor Jim Justice for approval. Previously, West Virginia did not permit non-medical exemptions for school vaccine requirements, either for religious or philosophical beliefs. The bill’s progression marks a significant change in the state’s vaccine policy, potentially impacting public health and education systems.

Questions of The Day!

Hey RSB, I have a problem that has been plaguing me for almost 25 years. In 1999, I had a cyst on my right ovary & I was told to take the maximum dose of Ibuprofen daily for pain management. After it burst 6 weeks later, I quit taking it. But this has led to a messy & embarrassing problem. I get explosive diarrhea without warning & 99% of the time at the worst time or place. I could be out walking or at the store. Some of the time, its because I didn’t get an adequate amount of sleep the night before. (I have bad insomnia) But most of the time, it’s without rhyme or reason. How can I get my life back?


My two year old daughter has eczema. It seems like it is linked to exposure to dairy and eggs, but can occasionally flare for no reason. Are there remedies I can research to see if any may be effective? I’ve been trying to fix her gut health with probiotics and supplements but very few seem to help. If you have recommendations on probiotics that may be appropriate for smaller children, that would also be appreciated.


Recently I was listening to your show on podcast and you talked about a product for health teeth. It sounded like it was a type of safe fluoride. I went to your site, https://robertscottbell.com/products-we-love/ to look for it but could not see anything specifically for teeth health. Do you remember 1) what it is and 2) where I can get it?


Medical Medium Anthony William says eggs are bad…says that viruses are ‘put’ in them, where shingles, etc. come from, do you agree? What about farm fresh eggs not bought in the grocery store? Also what’s a good organic alternative to Oat Milk for coffee? Should I just go back to organic or raw milk? Thanks!

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