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COVID mRNA Vaccines ‘Immoral and Unethical,’ Berenson Tells Rogan
Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to discuss his concerns about COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Berenson criticized the vaccines, calling them “immoral and unethical,” and questioned their efficacy and safety. He also discussed the potential long-term health risks and the lack of transparency from pharmaceutical companies and health organizations. The conversation delved into the societal implications of vaccine mandates and the erosion of individual freedoms.

Special Guest – Dr. Jason Dean

Dr. Jason Dean is a Husband, Father, and Doctor Calling out Medical & Pharma Cartels. Dr. Dean is best known for helping people reverse chronic health issues. For 19 years Dr. Dean and his wife have operated Palmer Natural Health, the largest Nutrition & Chiropractic office in the World, utilizing whole food nutrition and Quantum Nutrition. Dr. Dean is the Creator and Host of and the Owner of Revolution Health. BraveTV is a media and content channel for Restoring the American Republic. This is done through the education of Health Freedom, Constitutional learning and maximizing Knowledge.


Update: Donald Trump Jr. and Trump allies to appear with antisemite who praised Hitler for having “a vision” and trying “to straighten everything out”
A recent update reveals that Donald Trump Jr. and other Trump allies are scheduled to appear alongside an individual who has made antisemitic remarks, including praising Hitler. The news has sparked controversy and raised questions about the ethical implications of such associations.

Welcome back to the “Homeopathic Hits” segment of The Robert Scott Bell Show.
Today, we’re focusing on Staphysagria, a remedy often used for emotional trauma stemming from humiliation or suppressed anger.
This guide will delve into the various applications of Staphysagria, particularly its effectiveness in treating emotional and psychological issues.


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Question of The Day!

Hi Robert, Enjoyed your interview about electro agriculture very much.
I would like some clarification on the Selenium supplement you take and also the one for blood sugar control.
Have you updated your material on the silver and aloe protocol. I’m very interested in trying
Also I have suffered with intestional dysbosis as a result of numerous rounds of antibiotics over the years. Would like for you to talk more about your healing journey.
Thank you so much,


Robert, is ureaplasma normal with a possible UTI. I’ve read some stuff that it lives normally with us. When is it a problem? Is it truly a STD?

Hour 2

Aspartame and autism: Drinking diet soda amid pregnancy linked to diagnosis in male offspring, says study
A new study suggests that consuming diet soda containing aspartame during pregnancy may be linked to an increased risk of autism diagnosis in male offspring. The research highlights the potential dangers of artificial sweeteners and calls for further investigation into their impact on fetal development.

Special Guest: Jared St. Clair

Jared St. Clair believes in the human body’s incredible ability to heal itself. He is an educator at Vitality Nutrition and hosts a local radio show in Salt Lake City, UT, as well as the Vitality Radio Podcast. Jared has spent 30 years working directly with consumers on various health issues. He has formulated 14 products that are available on the national market through three different companies. These products range from Hair Revive, designed to stop women’s hair loss, to 10 Day Back On Tract, a capsule that aims to improve digestion and rebuild natural gut flora.

Question of The Day!

Hi Robert and Super Don,
In my analysis, there are two groups among the intelligent people who know for a fact that Covid is an unprecedented, gigantic, planet-level fraud. In group 1, there are smart people like Todd Callender, Sasha Latypova, Robert Scott Bell, Jon Rappoport, Mike Adams, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Bryan Ardis, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. David Martin. The following facts are very clearly known to them right from the start.

  1. The so-called Covid pandemic is a planned and orchestrated deception to force the population to take the Covid vaccines.
  2. These vaccines are claimed to protect people from the deadly pandemic. In reality, they are mainly toxic proteins designed to damage, disable and and destroy people.
  3. The major end-goal of vaccines is depopulation.

The second group consists of people like Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Meryl Nass and Dr. Richard Fleming. These doctors have rendered a great service to humanity by diving deep into Covid and exposing the fraud. But they still believe in vaccines and are talking in terms of Covid vaccine efficacy against Omicron, EG.5 and other variants. As you and I know, the so-called viruses are engineered toxic proteins. These people don’t seem to realize that these specially designed and synthetic vaccines are meant for the purpose of slow-killing the population.
Is it that they cannot come out of their belief in vaccines despite the glaring evidence of sudden deaths of super-fit athletes and sports persons. caused by Covid vaccines? Or is it that they have realized only part of the truth? Why are they not calling the vaccines what they are – bioweapons? Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Geert Vandenbosch are vaccine industry insiders and their pro-virus and pro-vaccine stance is not at all surprising.
I am eager to know what you and Super Don have to say on this topic.
– Bala


Hello Mr bell, would you be so kind in helping me as to where or who to go to for hypothyroidism, I live in Laredo, Texas. Thank you I would appreciate it dearly, have a blessed day.

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