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Special guest Ula Tinsley

Ula Tinsley aka Autism Mama Bear is a passionate autism advocate, featured writer at and a talk show host on Autism Mama Bear Talk. She’s been raising autism awareness on a local and national level since 2010, when her son was diagnosed with a regressive form of autism. After gaining more experience and knowledge about different ways of treating ASD, she’s been supporting and consulting other families living with autism. Her latest project, Autism Mama Bear Talk, is a fast-paced interview show bringing informative and everyday inspiring stories from leading autism advocates, self-advocates, parents and medical experts.

Are chatbots changing the face of religion? Three faith leaders on grappling with AI
Religious leaders are contemplating the implications of AI and chatbots in their communities. Rabbi Joshua Franklin experimented with ChatGPT to write a sermon, highlighting the irony of an AI-written speech about human vulnerability lacking genuine emotion. The article discusses the emergence of specialized religious chatbots like HadithGPT, which provides Islamic advice, and the potential issues with accuracy in AI responses. Faith leaders express concerns about the overreliance on AI for theological knowledge, emphasizing the importance of human connection and interpretation in religious teachings. The article also explores how different faiths, like Buddhism, may be less impacted by AI due to their practice-centric approach.

Navigating Religion, Faith, And Creativity In The Age Of AI
This Forbes article explores the intersection of religion, faith, and creativity in the age of AI, focusing on the experiences of Moshe Reuven, a hip hop artist and technologist. Reuven, a Hasidic Jew, integrates his faith into his work in technology and music, viewing his talents as tools to better the world. The article discusses how AI can be a tool for enhancing personal productivity and life wholesomeness, as seen in Reuven’s app, Wedu. It also touches on the role of AI in the music industry, particularly in identifying and targeting audiences effectively. The piece emphasizes the importance of religious diversity in AI and technology sectors, advocating for respect and unity amidst differences. Reuven believes that AI can play a role in religious practice, making it more accessible and easier, and stresses the potential of AI to improve the well-being of people worldwide.

‘I’ve got your daughter’: Mom warns of terrifying AI voice cloning scam that faked kidnapping Jennifer DeStefano, a mother in Arizona, experienced a harrowing phone scam involving artificial intelligence that cloned her daughter’s voice. She received a call from an unknown number, hearing her daughter’s voice crying for help, followed by a man demanding ransom and threatening harm. The scammer initially asked for $1 million, then reduced the demand to $50,000. DeStefano, surrounded by friends, quickly discovered her daughter was safe at home. The incident highlights the advanced state of voice cloning technology, which can now replicate a person’s voice with just a few seconds of audio. Experts warn that such technology is becoming more accessible, posing new risks for scams. The FBI advises keeping social media profiles private to avoid such scams and to be cautious of calls from unfamiliar numbers or demands for money.

Americans Lost Record-Breaking $8.8 Billion to Scams in 2022
In 2022, consumers reported losing nearly $8.8 billion to scams and fraud, marking a 30% increase from 2021. This staggering figure is a significant jump from the $3.5 billion lost in 2020. The article, citing the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), notes that while the number of scam reports decreased to 2.4 million from 2.9 million in 2021, the median loss per fraud case rose to $650. Investment scams accounted for the highest losses, totaling over $3.8 billion, with a median loss of $7,144 per victim. Impostor scams, involving criminals posing as trustworthy entities, resulted in $2.6 billion in losses. Older adults, particularly those over 70, tend to lose more money to scams compared to younger individuals. The article emphasizes the importance of reporting scams to help law enforcement target efforts and understand the full scope of the problem. Identity theft, credit card fraud, and romance scams were also significant contributors to the total losses.

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