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My story begins with Christopher, my first-born son, who was diagnosed with an ear infection.  For the next six months, he repeatedly had ear infections and was given several rounds of antibiotics.  However, none of them worked. As a matter of fact, the last antibiotic he ever took caused him to vomit them up violently. At this point, I was angry, frustrated, scared and alone as a single mother (with Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance) and I thought, “enough is enough”.

I really had no idea where to go or what solutions were available. At the time, I was working on one of the top floors of Georgia Power (Southern Company) and I was on the fast track to success in Corporate America as I was one year away from finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies with a minor in Economics.

Going to school, working full time and taking care of Christopher was tough but as I watched Christopher’s health decline, nothing else really matter.  Thank goodness I remembered Dr. James Berryhill!  He is a Naturopathic doctor that lives and works in Decatur, Georgia. I visited Dr. Berryhill and he recommended ear candles.  I was completely ignorant and had no information about these ‘things’.  I was very perplexed and thought it was an incredibly strange idea – “Stick a lit candle in my little boys ear?”.

But I was desperate and out of ideas.  I was determined not to let the doctors cajole me into another round of antibiotics that, clearly, were not working! So, I went and purchased ear candles from Rainbow Natural Foods in Decatur.  Boy, were they expensive at the time!  Christopher and I went home and I used 4 ear candles in the ear that was infected while we watched “The Little Mermaid” and he sucked on a red lollipop. (Remember, I knew nothing about natural health at this time!)

As I candled Christopher, I watched him become more and more relaxed, and the candles were definitely not hurting him.  The ear candles seemed to be providing him with relief and comfort.  It was pretty amazing yet mysterious to me.  I can attest that Christopher has never had an ear infection again.  Shortly after the ear candling session, Dr. Berryhill called me and was encouraging me to “make ear candles and sell them”. He promised to teach me what he knew as he had been trained at the Royal Academy of London. As a matter of fact, Dr. Berryhill, is part of the lineage to be the Queen’s doctor.  I laughed.  Seriously.  Around this time, I got married and had my second child, a beautiful, precious little girl.  And, at the same time, I pulled my back trying to learn how to golf (remember I was climbing the corporate ladder) and met Dr. Grant, a chiropractor.

During this pregnancy, I was very reluctant to go to the hospital due to my last experience with Christopher at the hospital.  Dr. Grant introduced me to Debbie Pully, a homebirth midwife and I birthed my healthy daughter at home.  It was wonderful and amazing!  I wouldn’t do it any other way and I highly recommend it.

My life was beginning to change dramatically and I could feel the pull of a new calling in life.  Ear Candles, Dr. Grant, and home birthing was quite the opposite of what my original career goals were – to become CEO of a multinational corporation!  But this new lifestyle was not compatible with working for an energy company.

I had already begun making ear candles in the home under Dr. Berryhills mentoring and I had been sharing them with other single moms, mothers and families that were in need.  What we all saw, experienced and observed was amazing!

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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