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In this vast and intricate world, where faith and the divine play central roles in the lives of billions, adopting a scientific view as the sole path to understanding can feel like navigating with a map that only shows a fraction of the territory. The pursuit of knowledge through science is undeniably powerful, offering insights into the mechanics of our universe, from the microscopic to the cosmic. Yet, when science becomes a belief system in itself, revered with a near-religious fervor, it risks becoming a constraint, a set of blinders that narrows our vision and our understanding of existence.

This isn’t to diminish the value of science; its contributions to our world are immense and undeniable. However, when we elevate science to a status where it overshadows faith, we overlook a fundamental aspect of human experience—the spiritual. Science, with its reductionist lens, dissects the world into quantifiable parts, seeking to explain the whole by understanding its components. But faith encompasses the unquantifiable, the mysteries that lie beyond empirical evidence, beyond what can be observed and measured.

Faith invites us into a broader, more expansive understanding of existence. It opens our hearts and minds to the possibility of the divine, to the profound mysteries that science, by its very nature, is ill-equipped to explore. The spiritual realm, with its rich tapestry of beliefs and experiences, offers answers to questions about purpose, meaning, and the essence of being that science cannot—questions about why we are here, the nature of love and morality, and the existence of a higher power.

When science assumes the mantle of ultimate truth, it can inadvertently foster a closed-mindedness, a certitude that leaves little room for the spiritual, for the acknowledgment of realms that exist beyond our current understanding and perception. This is where the balance between faith and science is crucial. Faith does not ask us to abandon reason but to recognize the limits of human understanding, to accept that there are truths about our universe and our existence that lie beyond the reach of scientific inquiry.

In essence, faith and science should not be viewed as adversaries but as complementary forces, each with its own domain of expertise and insight. While science unravels the how of the universe, faith grapples with the why. Together, they offer a more complete picture of our existence—one that embraces both the tangible and the transcendent, the known and the mysterious. The challenge and the beauty lie in holding both in our hearts and minds, allowing each to inform and enrich our journey through this life.

Questions of The Day!

Hi Robert!
I suffer from constant nasal congestion, particularly at night and early mornings! During the day I simply can’t breathe through my nose completely even when it doesn’t feel congested. I don’t know if I have polyps, What would you recommend doing? I was considering doing evening nasal irrigation with saline solution. Would it be a good idea to add sovereign silver to the solution?
Always grateful,


Hi Dr. Scott Bell thank you for all that you are doing! Your contact and book has been a gift to me and my family . Recently, my aunt in Belize C.A has come down with what I Believe is Morgellons syndrome after taking the Covid vaccine. She is in a terrible state and the medication they are giving her for her skin break out is breaking down her immune system. Can you please help me with something she can take to heal this and get the vaccine out of her system? She has been dealing with this issue since 2021 after getting the vaccine and feels like she is at the verge of death. Her face is completely swollen and she is in a lot of pain. I really would like to help her but at a lost on what to do. She has already change her diet, she only eats veggies and poultry products specifically chicken. She is in Belize so nothing is labeled organic. I have advices her to cut down on chicken. She eats very little because even eating is a discomfort for her. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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