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At Man Of Presence we help men MASTER PRESENCE, which gives them access to their innate POWER, connects them to their life PURPOSE, and helps them create ultimate FREEDOM.

How we help them do that is to TRANSFORM the unconscious, conditioned ways they are being, INTEGRATE their awareness into their presence so they can consciously CREATE a new way of being within themselves, and in the world.

Mastering Presence- A 12-Week Deep Dive Into Being The Best Man You Can Be

Mastering Presence is a 12-week men’s work program consisting of pre-recorded modules and live group work to help men understand the foundational principles of the how the masculine energy functions and expresses itself in life. By understanding and embodying a healthy masculine energy men experience more clarity, direction, alignment, authenticity, integrity, a deeper sense of purpose, healthier relationships, deeper intimacy, more sexual fulfilment, greater levels of abundance & success, and a deeper sense of peace, satisfaction and fulfilment that comes from within. They naturally lead powerfully, and show up fully to whatever life presents to them, knowing deep within themselves that they can handle whatever shows up within them and in their world. 


In almost every society boys are conditioned with distorted and unhealthy expressions of masculinity. Whether it be through our own parents, peers, society, culture or the media, men are presented with an idea of what “Being A Man” SHOULD BE, and this limited concept distorts how their own masculinity is expressed, leading to suppressed and often times destructive emotions, egotistical and even narcissistic behaviours, and unhealthy relational patterns with other men and the feminine. In order to create a more harmonious world, MEN MUST HEAL THEIR MASCULINE WOUNDS.

Mastering Presence is designed to do exactly that. Bring awareness to the unconscious, unhealthy masculine wounds and ways of being that men embody and express. It helps them UNLEARN these unhealthy masculine patterns and then shows them how to consciously CREATE brand new, healthy masculine ways of being that are 100% authentic to them instead of presenting some masculine stereotype for them to fit into. We then use various integration processes to help them integrate these new ways of being into their life, their work, relationships, family, etc..

The result is they begin to feel like the man they have always wanted to be, and their peers, partners, and family members also recognise the deep change that has been made in how they are showing up to life.


MASTERING PRESENCE- A SELF-PACED 12-WEEK DEEP DIVE INTO BEING THE BEST MAN YOU CAN BE. (NEXT LIVE PROGRAM LAUNCHES EARLY FEBRUARY 2022)12- Pre-Recorded Modules that cover the foundational principles and exercises of the Man Of Presence Process ($1997 Total Value)

12- Pre-Recorded Audio Meditations that you can practice daily in order to deeply embody the core frameworks and distinctions of the Mastering Presence Process ($997 Total Value)
Module 1– Taking 100% Ownership For Your Life

Module 2– What Is  Your “Life Purpose” & How Do You Discover It/Live It?

Module 3– Living Each Day As Your Masterpiece

Module 4– Creating A Life & Legacy Of Success & Fulfilment

Module 5– How To Deal With Challenging Situations

Module 6– Mastering Your Thoughts & Emotions

Module 7– Managing Your Time, Attention, Energy & Resources

Module 8– Creating Healthy Relationships & Sexual Satisfaction

Module 9– Channeling Your Sexual Energy & Desire

Module 10– How To Transform Your Unsuccessful Patterns Permanently

Module 11– Creating A Personalised Daily Practice That Serves You

Module 12– Healing Trauma & Letting Go Of Negative Emotions To Elevate The Quality Of Your Life
Plus 2 Special Bonuses-

BONUS #1– (Guided Audio Meditation)- The Emotional Liberation Process: The most effective and efficient way to deal with challenging emotions as they arise in the moment. ($197 value)

BONUS #2– (Video Training)- The Love Equation & Success Equation: Strategies that will create healthier and happier romantic relationships and more profitable business collaborations. ($97 Value)
Total Value– $3397

Limited Special Pricing– $997

To Register contact: support@manofpresence.com

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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