June 23, 2024 1-2PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

In this special edition of The Robert Scott Bell Show, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with the brilliant and dynamic Jessica Rose, PhD. We crossed paths during a memorable event in Geneva, Switzerland, where I was moderating before a big march and rally. Amid the electrifying atmosphere of the rally, Jessica stunned everyone with an impromptu rap performance, blending creative arts with critical commentary on health and freedom issues. It was an unexpected highlight that left me grinning from ear to ear, and I knew I had to bring her back for an in-depth conversation.

During our chat, Jessica and I explored the deep connections between science, creativity, and personal fulfillment. We reminisced about our unique experiences, from her surfing triumphs in Israel to my boxing sessions, finding common ground in our search for meaning beyond traditional scientific endeavors. Jessica shared her insights on the importance of embracing both the analytical and artistic sides of life, drawing parallels between her work in genomics and her passion for music and surfing. Our discussion underscored how true scientific inquiry often involves a spiritual pursuit, a theme Jessica beautifully encapsulates in her diverse talents.

I invite you all to tune in to this episode and witness the synergy of intellect and artistry as Jessica Rose and I delve into the essence of living authentically. From her powerful rap that captivated Geneva to our heartfelt dialogue, this episode is a testament to the boundless potential of merging science with the soul. Don’t miss out on this inspiring conversation that promises to challenge and uplift, reminding us all that the power to heal is truly ours.

Taking the ‘C’ out of confusion: On-fusion Jessica Rose discusses the deliberate creation of confusion in social and online interactions, often by infiltrators who use tactics like denial, disruption, degradation, and deception to undermine groups and individuals. She highlights the pervasive nature of these tactics, particularly in online platforms like Twitter, where individuals encounter confusing and contradictory messages. Drawing on Glen Greenwald’s 2014 article on government infiltration of online groups, Rose explains how confusion can immobilize and control people. She emphasizes the importance of clarity and integrity, advocating for focusing on data and avoiding engagement with trolls. Rose also stresses the need to build trust and cooperation among genuine allies while recognizing and disregarding the actions of those who sow confusion and discord.

A More Personal Review of Geneva Jessica Rose provides a heartfelt account of her first visit to Geneva, praising its beauty, diversity, and the welcoming nature of its people. She extends her gratitude to friends Lilly, Tony, and John Kage for their encouragement and support, which motivated her to make the trip. Rose also thanks Susie Olson Corgan and Dr. Andrea Nazarenko for organizing the Inspired Network event, as well as Maria Hubmer-Mogg and Dan-Astin Gregory for the “We Are the Change” Rally, noting the seamless execution of both events. She acknowledges the Swiss authorities and police for their cooperation in facilitating a peaceful march. Rose describes her emotional reaction to the traditional Swiss Glocken (bells) march, where participants carried heavy bells over long distances. Her post includes numerous photos capturing the essence of the events, the beauty of Geneva, and its vibrant people. Rose promises to share more photos and a video of the Glocken march in the future, emphasizing the profound impact the visit had on her.

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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