March 10, 2024 1-2pm ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guest Dr. Liz Anderson Peacock

“Curious and insightful, Liz is fascinated by what makes people thrive for the betterment of all. It’s humbling and magical when seeing average people just like you and I do the uncommon. We need more “uncommon”. I think we can use more “uncommon”. If life is an adventure, then I’m unsure we can really have an adventure without some hiccups along the way. I think perhaps it is how we face those challenges that teaches us the most. I am interested in figuring out what it takes to break through. While striving for excellence I am well aware I’m not perfect. I appreciate creativity, passionate work in any endeavour, meaningful connection, kindness and being in nature. Those values are expressed by many of my family, friends and the people I enjoy working with or for.”

Liz is internationally recognized in the chiropractic profession for her clinical insights, teaching and speaking. Outside her profession she facilitates corporate groups working on transformative team building, motivation, and matching values with vision. She focuses on evoking empowered results that embraces self-leadership and responsibility over management. As a speaker, her topics range from “Move to mastery”, “Master change so it does not master you”, “Overcoming adversity in 5 steps”, “Embracing stress and using it to your advantage”, Transformational Leadership”, “How your “Unsung Heros”, “Living to 100: Ten steps towards greater vitality and sanity as we age”, and “You’re never to old for success.”

Dr. Liz also coaches professionals and executives using the co-operative model, and delivers her self-improvement program “Create the Best Version of You” ™ through powerful workshops and retreats geared to enriching your personal and professional life.  

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