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Hi, I’m Brent.

I’m a spiritual teacher, host of The Spiritual Awakening Show, and founder of I’m here to support you on your journey of awakening, Self-realization, ascension, and Kundalini Shakti rising process. Click here to see my various interviews online. It’s my conviction that true peace is possible for every human being in this life. I’m dedicated to service and to pointing the way for anyone that might be willing to explore this great possibility with me. Since 2013, I’ve been serving as a spiritual teacher, pointing the way for those on the path that long for awakening, Self-realization, enlightenment, empowerment, and true peace. My teaching comes from a place of Heart-centered consciousness with unconditional loving awareness. My spiritual journey began at fifteen in the midst of an existential crisis. By grace, I came across the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, whose words and transmission of presence penetrated deep into my consciousness, activating and awakening a peaceful wisdom that was always here, only up until that point, I had forgotten.

Over the next decade of spiritual practice and inner exploration, I underwent a roller coaster of experiences and challenges:Depression, heartbreak, confusion, illness, doubt, fear, mania, dissociation, and hopelessness. Looking back, I see that all of the difficulty that I faced was divinely orchestrated to provide context for and to trigger the countless spiritual awakenings, realizations, and transformations of consciousness, both major and minor, that I would also experience: From the realization that I am not this body, to the falling away of any sense of personal self or ‘me’, to Kundalini Shakti awakening and its subsequent process of transformation, to the experience of unity consciousness, deep states of Samadhi in meditation, ineffable peace, love, bliss, and beyond. Today, I offer support for those going through Kundalini Shakti awakening and spiritual emergence. I’m here to raise awareness about spiritually transformative experiences, start conversations with others about far out topics, and accompany fellow travellers on the path. I look forward to connecting with you.

Much love,

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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